For Everyone Who Hates Generic Inspirational Quotes, This Is For You

An ‘Unspirational’ Instagram account exists, and it’s pretty cheeky

LOL: 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂  7/10

Hey there, are you looking for a little inspiration? No?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

An ‘uninspirational quotes’ Instagram account has surfaced, and it features all the lol-worthy material you’ll be into if you’re sick and tired of those super generic inspirational quotes asking you to believe in yourself, sparkle in the sky, be the best version of yourself, and poop rainbows.

You know the type. Random landscape or ombre background. Big font. No capitals. And something supposedly super inspiring that gets tweeted and re-tweeted like wildfire.

Anyone who has ever made fun of ~basic~ chicks and dudes posting ~inspirational~ quotes – this is your calling.

Because now Unspirational is here. And Unspirational posts hilarious re-makes of said inspirational quotes, with unexpected endings, and super harsh realities. From advice like, “eat like no one is going to see you naked” to painstakingly logical lines like, “people who say they’ll give 110% don’t understand how percentages work,” they’re the perfect combo of cynical and sinisterly funny.

Take a scroll through some of our favourite not so inspirational quotes below – for every person who is not a morning person, doesn’t have a deep Twitter bio, and, really, does not poop rainbows. Enjoy.

All images cr: Unspirational

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