Unicorn Lovers: You Need To See This Fluffy AF Unicorn Toast

Seriously, it’s the cutest freakin’ toast you will have ever seen.

If you thought the unicorn trend was dead, you thought very, very wrong.

In a little Malaysian cafe in Petaling Jaya, the unicorn trend thrives in all its glory.

Cafe Haraju-Cube is serving up a spectacular unicorn toast, adorned with all the unicorn-y trimmings of whipped cream, marshmallows, an ice cream cone, and candy floss.

Yup, this is real life.

Dubbed the ‘Unicorn-Berry’, it’s one of the few unicorn trend food items that don’t just feature a little glitter and rainbow-coloured accessories. No, this unicorn toast actually looks like an actual unicorn, kinda.

Donning a waffle for a horn and some very sweet eyelashes, it’s as beautiful a unicorn food as they come. Unless, of course, it makes you feel like you’re actually eating the enchanted animal. In which case, stop chewing.

However, ‘stop chewing’ is easier said than done with this babe. Made up of a thick charcoal toast base, the divine dessert features marshmallow meringue, an upside-down ice cream cone with berry ice cream, and a little pastel candy floss cloud.

It looks exactly like something a little unicorn gets for its little unicorn birthday.

And now it can be your little unicorn birthday everyday. Haraju-Cube, which specialises in Japanese desserts, is selling the adorable number for approximately $8 per piece. And whilst the limited edition treat has only been in stores since May, it is already selling out fast.

Understandably though. When something looks this adorable, can you blame them?

All images cr: Harajucube/Facebook

Who’s hungry? Who’s cute?

h/t: Mashable