17 Major Differences Between University And Work Life That Are Just So Damn True

When you try to make friends at work and they say “let’s just keep it professional…”

LOL #Relatable: 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 7/10

When you start using your iron for ironing your shirts and not for heating up food, you know you’re no longer at Uni.

Comic artist Zach SYM is making us chuckle with his spot-on relatable comics comparing the perks and challenges of university versus work life.

From dress code rules to making new friends, Zach hilariously and accurately portrays the differences we face as we leave university and enter the work force. As your late night calls shift from ordering pizza to taking orders from your boss, the comics cheekily gives us a true slice of life, and some sweet nostalgia for those student days.

Between showering every day versus showering every other day, and the luxury of living off a student loan, take a look through Zach’s comics below. They’ll have you laughing and nodding at your work desk.

All images cr: zachomics

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