An Unofficial Yeezy Store Has Opened In China And It Will Make You Look Twice

The shoes sell for around $151, and you can even customise your own pair

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Um… Does Kanye know about this?

An unofficial Yeezy store has opened in China’s city of Wenzhou, and it features all the Yeezy Boosts you could ever dream of. And more.

Marked by the bright and bold word ‘YEEZY’, the store borders on trademark violations and knockoff laws, selling off not-so-original sneakers by rapper and fashion designer Kanye West.


But for many people, this may be the only chance to get their hands on a pair of the super exclusive shoes. For those not in the know, the sneakers by the famed artist are only released in limited numbers, and are often sold and re-sold at hefty triple-digit prices.

Kanye West himself is yet to open an official Yeezy store, so this unofficial store may seem like an intriguing feat.

Also, it’s located next to a store called ‘New Bunren’ (we’re guessing that’s New Balance), so there’s also that.


According to China Network, shoes at the unofficial Yeezy store are selling for an average of $151 (about 999 yuan), making them quite pricey for a pair of fakes.

And they aren’t even a fully real-fake copy. Instead of bearing the words “SPLY” like on the original (it stands for Yeezy Supply), they carry the word “YEEZY” along the top. In that sense, it truly is a Yeezy store.


Furthermore, buyers can even get personalised designs on their Yeezy shoes, adding another dimension the originals do not provide. From what we can recognise, there’s even a Gucci-style snake design you could add, because why stop at one brand?!?


Although brand and trademark don’t necessarily go hand in hand. According to a Mr Hu, the owner of the store, the trademark to “Yeezy” was registered in 2013. He tells China Network, “Some time ago, the relevant authorities have ruled that the Yeezy trademark, which we registered with our company, is valid.”

Nevertheless, it’s still a bit of an icky situation. And we can only imagine Kanye’s reaction for when he gets word of it…

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