This Photographer Went On A Mission To Capture The Most Unusual Japanese Toilets

You’re gonna want to check these out

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If you kind of have to pee right now, maybe look away.

Japanese photographer H. Nakamura is collecting images of the most unusual Japanese toilets across the country – from the funny to the downright freaky.

Under his Instagram account ‘toilets_a_go_go’, Nakamura travels far and wide to photograph all the different toilet huts in Japan. There’s everything from those disguised as tree trunks, to those cleverly housed inside a play castle.

It turns out the Japanese are really creative when it comes to public restrooms.

From architectural wonders to funky characters and colours, Nakamura’s photographs truly prove that in Japan you can find toilets even where you least expect them. Furthermore, the images are true testament that even something as mundane as a restroom can become a beautiful (or at least very intriguing) city monument.

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Somewhat strange and somewhat downright sublime, take a scroll through Nakamura’s photographs below – many of them will surprise you.

All images cr: H. Nakamura

And if you can’t get enough of these unusual Japanese toilets, follow ‘toilets_a_go_go’ on Instagram, and never look at your regular old loo the same way again.

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