If You Love Office Supplies, You Need To See These $1600 Highlighter Heel Boots

NEVER forget your stationery ever again!

Take My Money: 💸 💸 💸 💸 💸 5/10

You know that song that goes, “these boots are made for walking”? Yeah, these boots are made for walking. And also, highlighting.

Trendy urban fashion brand Vetements has released a pair of highlighter heel boots, made up of grained leather and neon blue highlighter heels.

Yup, highlighters as in the thing used to select the ~important bits~ in your textbooks at school. The thing you use to identify the ~urgent stuff~ in your pile at work. The thick, bright, block markers that up until now, had absolutely nothing to do with high-end footwear.

The item description reads, “Vetement’s cult black leather ankle boots are a necessity for the style set. This black lightly grained-leather pair is strinkingly set on a neon-blue highlighter-shaped acetate heel, then detailed with a tonal-brown mud-effect base and a sole for a subtle lived-in feel.”

Lived-in, mud-stained, AND with highlighters for heels? The shoes practically sell themselves.

Cr: Vetements via MatchesFashion

Whether you’re looking to add a pop of colour to an otherwise simple outfit, or you’re looking for a look that really screams “SUMMER IS OVER”, these swanky shoes, priced at approximately $1600 may just make the cut.

Find out more about the highlighter heel boots on the Matches Fashion website, and become the star of your office/school/stationery club.

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