This Vetements T-shirt Dress Is The T-shirt Dress To End All T-shirt Dresses

I want to wear this every day forever

Take My Money: 👘 👘 👘 👘 👘 👘 👘 7/10

This has got SUPER DUPER CHILL written all over it.

Well, not literally.

But figuratively and fashionably – meet the t-shirt dress to end all t-shirt dresses. A t-shirt dress that screams “super duper uber chilling on my couch watching the entire James Bond/Friends/Gossip Girl box set” and begs for floating around the house and taking long romantic strolls to the fridge.

That’s right. Mother of all luxe loungewear Vetements has unveiled a t-shirt dress extraordinaire, both extremely simplistic and somewhat genius and somewhat entirely bonkers.

Brace yourselves:

Cr: Vetements

A gem like a coin under your sofa cushion or the last cheese finger in the packet of Cheetos, the French fashion brand is selling this t-shirt dress for a whopping £568 (reduced 50% from an even-more-so-whopping £1136). The Nordstorm page describes, “Exploded proportions transform a classic cotton tee into a floor-skimming maxi dress with breezy, billowy allure.”

Definitely a classy description.

Cr: Vetements

Yet whilst we want to find this entirely ridiculous and way overpriced and way crazy, there is definitely something charming about it. It has something of angel pyjamas. Of a very cool very artistic brunch outfit that Voldemort may have worn on a day off. Of Sundays on a big comfy bed whilst a butler makes an ice cream sundae like in Home Alone 2, except Kevin is Gigi Hadid and the ice cream is FroYo.

Cr: Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

Somewhere between a little bit creepy and a little bit oversized college sweatshirt, our jury is still out on this one. One thing is for sure: the casual t-shirt dress game? Vetements is definitely owning it.

What do you think?