These Vintage New York Collages Show The City In The Coolest Light

These will make you fall even more in love with New York

#CreativeCool: 💥 💥 💥 💥 💥 💥 💥 7/10

They look like they’re straight out of an 80’s movie.

American collage artist and photographer Kalen Hollomon has unveiled a series of New York collages featuring pictures from vintage magazines cut and pasted into NYC street life.

And they’re very rad.

Part of his ‘Realtime Collages’ project, the mashed up images provide a slightly surreal and often times sultry representation of the city, with the occasional cheeky butt cheek or twisted humour here or there.

Creating a blurring contrast between then and now, the New York collages show many sides to the city (and largely its inhabitants) – from the Central Park tennis courts and Cara Delevingne at McDonald’s, over to luxury cars and panic on the subway.

Clever and conniving, take a scroll and a stroll through New York with Hollomon’s images below. It’s going to put you in the mood for old movies, thrift shopping, and a salt beef bagel.

All images cr: Kalen Hollomon

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