Viral Meme Eye Makeup Is A Thing Now Because This Is What The World Has Come To

Not sure whether to laugh or cry tbh…

If there’s two things the Internet loves, it’s memes and makeup tutorials. 

And now, the two have become one, as people have started using memes for makeup by drawing these complex art forms onto their eyelids. 

I wish this were a joke, but please see this. 

Hello Salt Bae

As if eye makeup itself wasn’t difficult enough, somebody always has to raise the stakes. This time they raise us… one salt bae and two Kim Kardashian crying faces. 

In some way, it’s a pretty clever body part to reproduce them. Within the fast-paced environment that is social media, memes often are hot one minute, and old news the next. They can disappear ~in the blink of an eye~ if you will. 

Clever, huh?

Take a look at some of this meme makeup madness below, and spot your faves to see if your millennial is on fleek. 

The Kermit the frog one is probably the best. But that’s none of my business… 

And if you aren’t quite ready to put memes on your eyes – have you seen Gucci’s latest meme campaign?

h/t: DesignTaxi