Waffle Pops Are Definitely The Coolest And Trendiest Way To Eat Waffles

So. Freakin’. Instagrammable.

Get ready for your eyes to turn into little heart shapes.

Waffle pops are a thing now, and they’re just as lick-your-lips delicious as they sound.

I mean, they’re popsicles made of waffles. They’re waffles on a stick. They’re the carb version of ice cream. They’re dipped and coated and glazed in goodness.

…Shall I keep talking or shall we head right out to get some?!

Made by ice cream store Sweet Combforts, the gloriously gorgeous sweet treats are every food blogger’s dream come true. The snack consists of a waffle stacked on a stick, covered in the totally heavenly toppings of your choice. Think, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, mini marshmallows, strawberries, sprinkles, cookie chunks, nut splitters, and food comas.

The possibilities are endless.

What’s that? You’re daring me to try them all? You are? Okay!

Whilst waffles have been around for like, forever, we’re absolutely loving this super creative and super Instagrammable way of eating them. I mean, it’s only common knowledge that almost literally everything tastes THAT much better served on a stick.

Also, look how preeettttyyyyyyyyy!

All images cr: SweetCombforts/Instagram

We know what we’re snacking on this evening now when we’re not working on our summer bodies this summer. #Score.

Follow Sweet Combforts on Instagram if you feel like drooling all over your phone on a daily basis, or visit their Los Angeles store and see the waffle pops in the flavourful flesh.

(Also, they serve up some mean milkshakes too, so, while you’re there, hook a sister up?)

Who’s hungry?