These Watercolour Paintings of Chicago Will Make You Wanna Visit Chi-Town ASAP

Anyone who lives in Chicago NEEDS to see these

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Calling all Chicago residents and Chicago lovers and Chicago admirers and people who don’t know Chicago at all but want to.

Artist Angelina Ligomina is making us swoon for the American city with her beautiful watercolour paintings of Chicago, featuring many famous cityscapes as well as hidden nooks and crannies.

Having moved to Chicago three years ago, Ligomina recently learned how to paint with watercolour. Whilst at first the young artist focused on painting animals, she soon began to draw the city she loves and lives in, and that too from many sides.

Teaching herself various techniques and experimenting with new tools, Ligomina’s paintings of Chicago feature everything from the iconic “Bean” over to the Tribune Tower by the Chicago Riverwalk. Dreamy and warm, her work seemingly welcomes everyone for a peek into the city of Chicago, and proves to anyone who lives there why it is such a beautiful city.

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From street side lanterns to famous monuments, take a scroll through Ligomina’s work below. It’ll really make you want to see Chicago, and also, pick up some watercolours.

All images cr: Angelina Ligomina

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