Wine Jelly Is A Thing Now And We Want It On Absolutely Everything

It’s called ‘Drunk Jelly’ and it comes in seven different wine flavours!

We’ll take any excuse to have wine for breakfast.

A company called Drunk Jelly is producing wine jelly, and it will probably be the most delicious addition to your breakfast table/brunch sandwich/late night snack EVER.

In the words of Beyonce, “I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly.”

Described as “fancy wine jelly,” the spread is inspired by different types of wine, and even comes in a range of wine ~flavours~. There’s everything from Merlot and Pinot Noir, over to Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Moscato and Rosé.

Quite frankly, it’ll be the swankiest and sophisticated-est spread you’ll ever pick up from your table spread and spread on spreadable bread. Or pancakes. Or muffins. Or your tongue.

Beat that, Strawberry Jam.

And you won’t have to hold back on consumption either. Whilst the jellies are inspired by alcohol and getting wine drunk, they don’t actually contain any actual alcohol that will get you actual crunk. Therefore you can smear away on that whole grain every morning, without having to worry about slurring your speech at your meeting later that day. The wine jelly simply embodies the essence of wine, and if the essence of a good time is what you’re after, it’s a perfect match.

All images cr: Drunk Jelly

Housed in an uber trendy four-ounce or six-ounce mason jar, the wine jelly comes priced at $6 and $8 each, and you can find out more and stock up on the lot over on the Drunk Jelly website.

I mean, how LIT is this going to make your next picnic? (Hint: Very).

And if you prefer your jelly in solid form – have you checked out these wine gummies?!

h/t: PopSugar