Wire Nail Art Is The Latest (And Most Dangerous) Trend For Stylish Nails

Dangerously cool. 

There’s only so much you can do with nail polish. It’s time to step it up. Using wires. 

Eungkyung Park, founder of Unistella Salon in South Korea’s Seoul, has come up with a wild alternative to those French tips. And it is fierce. 

Wire nails are nail art’s answer to minimalistic chic, with a touch of that metallic trend so hot in interior design right now, and a whiff of understated cool. 

So delicate yet so dayum

Using a thin gold wire, Park creates unbelievable 3D shapes that are added to bare or plain-coloured nails, to form true pieces of art at the tip of your fingers. 

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Hello little faces

From triangular shapes that mimic the nail form, over to little faces reminiscent of classical paintings, the modern mani is one we can definitely see filling up all our social media feeds. Except… maybe, don’t try this one at home. It could hurt a little!

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So pretty

For all those times you want to wear some rings but can’t quite find one that fits, or all those times you need a cool accessory to go with a casual look, look no further. Wire nails are here. And they are wild. 

Rose gold wire outlines

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Would you try out these nails? 

h/t: Refinery29