An Artist Reimagines World Leaders As Refugees And It Is Powerful

Abdalla Al Omari paints the likes of Trump and Putin as refugees in a striking art series

The number of people in the world seeking asylum or trying to escape from areas of conflict is reaching an all time high. Many refugees live in stringent conditions, and face hardships every single day.

Artist Abdalla Al Omari has reimagined famous world leaders as refugees, in order to send an urgent message to the world, and draw attention to this growing crisis.

world leader Obama as refugee

In a series entitled ‘The Vulnerability Series,’ the artist paints everyone from Trump to Putin, Merkel, and Kim Jong-Un as refugees themselves, putting the famous politicians into the shoes of the refugees who suffer on a daily basis.

A Syrian refugee himself, Al Omari states, “Intimate hours I spent with them have taught me more than I could image. Just as easily as everything worth defending can become defenseless, moments of absolute powerlessness can give you superpowers.”

Take a look through the striking paintings of the world leaders as refugees below, it’s going to make you look twice.

world leaders as refugees

All images cr: Abdalla Al Omari

What do you think of these world leaders as refugees?

h/t: BoredPanda