People Are Writing CVs Using Google Autocomplete And The Results Are Hilarious

Seriously, try it out

These days it can be pretty difficult to write a resume or CV that will really stand out to the employer. I mean, sure, you could google some tips on how to really make that font pop or those sentences sound good, but will that really get you far?

I mean, why not just Google autocomplete the entire thing?


You heard me.

Aaron Gillies (of comedic Twitter account ‘TechnicallyRon’) has come up with a genius tool to help all job-seekers and die-hard procrastinators speed up the CV-writing process. Gillies tweets, “I needed to update my CV so I did it all through Google autocomplete and soon I will have every job.”

The result is a hilarious CV that sounds deeply (and disturbingly) familiar, featuring the sentences users around the globe or in a particular location have searched for the most.

From ‘My name is Khan’ to ‘I was born to love you,’ it’s definitely a very unconventional yet charmingly creative way of spicing up your CV. Also, you’ll absolutely gain a raised eyebrow or maybe even a chuckle from the HR department.

Naturally, the idea caught on with many of Gillies’ followers, and soon many other people began tweeted their tweaked CVs:

To try it out yourself, simply enter the beginning of your CV sentence into the Google search engine, and Google autocomplete will show you the most commonly searched terms beginning with that sentence. It’s definitely worth a try, and a great break from writing actual CVs.

Who knows, maybe you’ll get inspired to include something new?

10 points for innovation and efficiency!

What do you think?

h/t: Designtaxi