You Can Now Visit The Cafe From ‘LaLa Land’ And Pretend You’re In The Film

Maybe secretly do a couple song and dance numbers while you’re at it

Movie Turned Real-Life: ????????? 9/10

The movie that was nominated for an almost record-breaking number of nominations at The Oscars on Sunday, and then awkwardly almost awarded “Best Picture”, is letting viewers and dreamers step into the film’s coffee shop in Los Angeles. 

L.A.’s Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood has set up a reconstructed version of Cafe Sur Le Lot, the coffee shop where Emma Stone’s character works. 

Cr: Dale Robinette

From February 20th to March 6th, anyone on the WB studio tour can visit the coffee shop featuring original props from the film, aka, things Ryan Gosling may have actually touched. Wowza. 

Cr: © Jean-Philippe Darquenne

According to Los Angeles Magazine, visitors get a 15-minute session (enough for a dance number or two) and may even munch on some coffee and pastries while they’re there. 

Book your tickets here, and see if you can visit the lot without breaking into song. 

(Not possible.)

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h/t: TravelAndLeisure