This Couple Had A Zombie Wedding, Complete With A Corpse Cake And Everything

The wedding rings were brought to the couple on fake fingers!

#SpookySweet: 💀 💀 💀 💀 💀 💀 💀 💀 💀 💀 10/10

Imagine standing at the altar and saying “til death do us part” whilst being dressed as a zombie and having an audience of fellow zombies snicker and sneer.

Pretty spooky cool, right?

Blue Bailey-Hunt and Dean Pike decided to ditch the cream and pastel lovey dove bullsh*t and opted for a zombie wedding for their special day. And boy was it wicked.

Cr: Radek Gora Photography

Dressed to the nines in a harlequin print suit and a bespoke skull-adorned bridal gown, the couple even invited their 98 guests to dress/rise from the dead for the special occasion.

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Featuring everything from fake blood and body parts over to a corpse cake and a skull for a flower vase, it’s a wedding that looks like it was taken straight from out of our favourite haunted house. Blue states, “we have both always been alternative. We both love punk music, piercings and tattoos. Normal things don’t interest us.”


Instead of heart-shaped ice sculptures, a blood fountain of red punch decorated the dining area. There were also skull centrepieces, and dripping candles and silicone body parts. As the horrifying (-ly beautiful) bride walked down the aisle, Rob Zombie’s “Pussy Liquor” played instead of the wedding march, and when the bride and groom put on their wedding rings, these were brought to them on fake fingers placed on a surgeon’s tray.

It’s definitely fair to say – this zombie wedding was far from normal.

Cr: Radek Gora Photography

Put together in just seven weeks (!), the images are a gruesomely gorgeous picture of celebrating eternal, undying love.

In every sense of the word.

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h/t: Metro/StoryTrender