12 Sublime Sunsets & Sundowners From Around The World

From the Sangria in Spain to the Singapore Sling

Take Me There: 🍹🌅🍹🌅🍹🌅🍹🌅🍹🌅 10/10

Pour yourself a glass, and get your wanderlust glasses on. Because the following is going to inspire you.

We round up our favourite sundowner spots from around the globe, with some of the most famous drinks they are home to. Whether you’re sipping sangria in the sunshine in Spain, or Mojito in the colourful surroundings of Cuba, we ensure you there’s something here to see and to sip for everybody.

  1. Ouzo in Greece

bluepassions via Tumblr // leadbyeg via Tumblr

Shout opa!and smash some plates, and watch the sun set from Mykonos, Santorini, or the ancient ruins of Athens, where perhaps, just perhaps, even the Greek gods of the past too sat and drank their Ouzo.

  1. Tequila in Mexico

cocktailpro via Tumblr // respir3nt via Tumblr

Rich in colour, start the fiesta the Mexican way with the all time party favourite of a shot of Tequila with salt and lime. Party til sunrise and then go fora Tequila sunrise, maybe?

  1. Caipirinha in Brazil

brazilwonders via Tumblr // poussieresdempires via Tumblr

People-watching by the beach in Brazil has got to be one of the most #bodygoals #tanninggoals experiences there are. Pair it perfectly with a Brazilian Caipirinha and let the sweetness of the sugar remind you of the sweet feeling of summer for months to come.

  1. Pimms in England

foodfuck via Tumblr // jsmna-b via Tumblr

If you couldnt quite make it to Wimbledon (or even London for that matter), fear not. Pick up a bottle of Pimms and throw in your favourite fruits – here is a British summer staple you can enjoy at the pub, at the park, or in your garden. Tennis Shmennis.

  1. Mojito in Cuba

dailyglamourous.net via Tumblr // behindthescenes via Tumblr

If Cuban cigars arent your thing, opt for this iconic Cuban cocktail instead. Mojitos come with lime leaves and lemon, refreshing to the tongue for hot nights, and to the eyes amongst pastel houses and vintage cars.

  1. Singapore Sling in Singapore

photography-col via Tumblr // cattbugorbutts via Tumblr

Created for the Raffles Hotel in Singapore, there are many myths which surround its recipe. One thing we know for sure: sipping Singapore Slings overlooking the bay? Always magical.

  1. Sangria in Spain

npr via Tumblr // sabrinavandemaas via Tumblr

If youre French you may want to look away right now. Ice cubes in wine may sound disastrous to many the wine connoisseur, but let us assure you: when in Spain, do as the Spanish do. Complemented by fruit and often Cava, here is one summer drink where the richness in colour is matched perfectly to a) the richness of food and culture here and b) probably your sunburn.

  1. Raki in Turkey

istanbulphotographies via Tumblr // rrrroza via Tumblr

Best paired with seafood or Turkish mezze, enjoy this anise-flavored drink, watching a dreamy Turkish sunset, and letting your mind drift off to 101 Arabian Nights

  1. Mai Tai in Thailand

foodfuck via Tumblr // travelthisworld via Tumblr

Whether you’re south in the idyllic islands of Phuket, Samui, or Phi Phi, or up in buzzing Bangkok, you will never stray too far from a Mai Tai. Enjoy this epitome of a holiday cocktail, accompanied more often than not by a tiny paper umbrella. Keep it to comfort yourself when you’re miserable back in your office/classroom/bath tub back home.

  1. Champagne in France

e-xtravaganza via Tumblr // provencetoujours via Tumblr

Where better to sip champagne and practice that accent than in the home of champagne itself. Located in northeastern France, get bubbly watching the sun fall over the vineyards, and from behind those sunglasses, truly enjoy la vie en rose.

  1. Cold Beer in Germany

beeriety via Tumblr // chicsayer via Tumblr

Don your best pair of lederhosen and have a cold beer in Germany. At the heart of Europe and amongst beautiful scenery and castles of the past, the Germans do it big. Big portions of food and big jugs of beer. Go big or go home this summer, am I right? Prost!

  1. And Pisco Sour in Peru.

iloveperuviancuisine via Tumblr // destinationworld via Tumblr

When the nights are hot and the food is hotter, this South American staple will be your best and most delicious call. Lie back and enjoy the small moments this summer, youll be missing them faster than you can say Machu Picchu!

What’s your sundowner this summer?