16 Wine Scenarios For You To Indulge In This Wine Wednesday

Cheers to you and you and you. 

#Cheers: 🍷 🍷 🍷 🍷 🍷 🍷 🍷 🍷 🍷 🍷 10/10

How do I want to sip wine with you this Wednesday? Let me count the ways…

From the beach to sky rise buildings to right in bed next to bae, we list all the dreamy ways you could be sippin’ that vino this Wine Wednesday. Sit back. Relax. Enjoy your eve.

  1. After a rustic romantic drive in a four wheel up into the countryside in camouflage boots.

Cr: frosya

  1. With some ladies you met last night at the club when you said, ‘wanna sip rose on my yacht tomo afternoon?’ and they said ‘yeah’

Cr: lavishlawyer

  1. With perfectly pink flowers and beautiful buildings post exploring and getting lost despite Google Maps

Cr: tonigh-we-are-young

  1. A beachy cheers pre-sushi lunch and a nice little #FoodPorn in your wayfarers

Cr: overlycalm

  1. Wine and view and some crazy good looking food after a morning trek in huge Timberlands and coats with neon stickers on them

Cr: @tuulavintage

  1. This dainty glass of white with a fresh white mani on a hipster roof bar somewhere in Europe with guys with one-syllable names

Cr: primrosy everdeen

  1. Wine as you set sail on the 4th of July wearing a huge hat and holding some binoculars looking out for celebs hiding out

Cr: J.Crew

  1. This deep berry red by the river after crossing the bridge (on foot!) and finding a cute spot to chit chat

Cr: nottrulyperfect

  1. Wine on a romantic midsummer eve balcony with good music and a great nap afterwards on crisp white sheets

Cr: lavishlawyer

  1. Relaxing with bubbles and bubbly wine after a stressful day (the roses were a reward from a secret admirer)

Cr: ashliebryn

  1. A fashion blogger iced wine (you can only afford one drink because you just took out a loan to buy the bag)

Cr: @thechicndamned

  1. Taking dramatic gulps in this dramatic scenario before possibly murdering someone (with your looks)

Cr: kamilakarpinskaphotography

  1. Red wine with ALL the right sides in Sydney (the dried fruit is decor, the cheese and crackers are the stars)

Cr: chicandproper

  1. Sparkling wine in front of a most notable building during a girls trip abroad where you mostly drank sparkling wine and took photos of it

Cr: via brunchdudimanche

  1. Water in a wine glass as a shoutout to all those who are underage and sober

Cr: puellainurbe

  1. And wine for two at the London Eye for sips between looking into each other’s eyes.

Cr: mslovejoy

Happy Wine Wednesday!

NB: All the captions are completely made up.