17 Comics About Curly Hair Problems That Every Curly Haired Gal Will Relate To

That feeling when you go to a humid country and your hair just poofs up all over the place…

LOL #Relatable: 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 8/10

If you’ve ever gone to a humid country and felt your hair poof up like a pom pom, this is for you.

A Bangalore-based illustrator by the name of Angela Mary Vaz is making us and our curls chuckle as she depicts the very many curly hair problems that anyone with curly hair will have experienced.

From finding random items within your bush of hair to using lot’s and lot’s of conditioner, Angela funnily and painfully-accurately pins down exactly what it’s like to be blessed/cursed with curly hair.

Under the alias ‘Stray Curls,’ Angela charmingly depicts true curly hair problems in colourful illustrations and super relatable scenarios. Take a scroll through some of her work below – it’s going to make you loathe and then love the hair on your head.

All images cr: Stray Curls/Angela Mary Vaz

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