18 Traditional Southeast Asian Breakfasts To Get You Drooling And Swooning

Banh Mi? Banh More Please.

Get In My Belly: 🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚 10/10

Whether you like it hot and sticky or sweet and soupy – check out this list of aaabsolutely delicious Southeast Asian breakfasts!

  1. Banh Mi, Vietnam

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Good morning Vietnam! Pick up a Vietnamese French baguette for breakfast filled with lemongrass and pork. Making for a lot of crunchy bites and juicy drools to begin your day, this classic sandwich is best with fresh vegetables and some chilli to ensure that surefire punch to keep you going. 

  1. Nasi Lemak, Malaysia/Indonesia

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Consisting of fragrant rice cooked in coconut milk, and often served on a pandan leaf, Malaysia’s national dish is also popular in other countries of the region, and with the rich variety of color and textures, it’s easy to see why. You have been fasting in your sleep the whole night, you deserve all the nasi lemak in the world. <3

  1. Khao Tom, Thailand

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A kind of Thai rice soup, and not too far from the popular congee dish of the region, khao tom consists of rice cooked in broth, and is often served alongside many condiments ranging from salted fish or eggs to ginger and pickled vegetables. A dish suitable for everyone young and old, and a great meal you don’t even need to chew as you sleepily sit at the breakfast table. 

  1. Tocino, Philippines

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Dating back to the Spanish settlements of the Philippines, tocino is a type of grilled pork, sweet in flavour from sugar and pineapple marinade, and often accompanied with rice for breakfast. Ain’t no breakfast like a BBQ breakfast, am I right?!

  1. Peas and Fried Rice, Myanmar

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If we have any vegans in the house, this is your call. Burmese yellow fried rice contains a myriad of healthy greens – peas and fried shallots. This dish is perfect for using up leftover rice the morning after the night before, and if you look closely, you can almost see the many pagodas of Myanmar glistening in the golden grains of rice. 

  1. Kaya Toast, Singapore

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Crispy and sweet, this Singaporean treat consists of two slices of toast with coconut jam and often a hearty thick slice of butter. Luckily, the calories don’t count in the mornings. Phew. 

  1. Khao Piak Sen, Laos

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Translating to quite literally ‘wet rice noodles’, this traditional Laotian breakfast soup is simple yet soothing. Perfect for those rare cold days, and even more perfect to ease you lightly into the day, like noodles slipping off your darn chopstick for the 10th time this morning. 

  1. Kolo Mee, Brunei

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A true favourite of Bruneians, as the name suggests, this dish is a mee ‘noodle’ dish. The ‘kolo’ refers to the way the noodles are tossed in a mix of soy sauce, pepper and sesame oil, and are best served with an omelette, or a meaty companion. You know how some people say you shouldn’t start your day hungry? They eat this. 

  1. Congee, Various

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One of southeast Asias most famous and beloved breakfast dishes is congee, or thick rice porridge. Enjoy it plain or with various accompaniments, and pick it up fresh from the local market, or make it from a packet at home. A true good morning staple in Asia, from toddler to teen to turning 100. Yum. All the way Yum. 

  1. Vegetarian Pho, Vietnam

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Making its trendy debut in the West in recent years, pho has been a favourite of the Vietnamese breakfast table for ages. With a squeeze of lime, and a healthy helping of herbs, this noodle and meat broth is sure to make you have a soup-er day (see what we did there). Pho-bulous. 

  1. Kai Jeow, Thailand

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Often times beauty lies in simplicity, and the Thai omelette is a prime example thereof. A popular dish at any meal during the day, the Thai omelette can be enjoyed plain, with minced meat, vegetables, or spicy chilli. Paired with other dishes or on its own, dipped in fish sauce or Sri Racha, who said eggs are only breakfast food in the West? 

  1. Roti Canai, Malaysia/Singapore/Indonesia/Brunei

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Tracing Indian influences, roti canai is enjoyed in various ways throughout the region. From sweet to savoury, alongside curry or dhal, here is a breakfast dish you can get your hands into. (And lick your fingers after)

  1. Pan de Sal, Philippines

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These cushiony rolls are available in almost every bakery in the Philippines. Most commonly dipped into morning coffee, we can definitely see the appeal. Warm and fluffy and soft, these rolls kind of remind us of bed, and if anything, that’s a beautiful thought first thing in the morning. 

  1. Hainanese Chicken Rice, Various

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A dish originally adapted from Hainan province in southern China, this is one of southeast Asias favourite dishes. The chicken is poached in hot water for hours, and its oily stock is used to cook the rice after. True only served with cut cucumbers, a spicy dipping sauce, and a warm broth, this is a healthy yet filling breakfast option, and can be adjusted to many tastes. 

  1. Khanom Pang, Thailand

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Translating to bread, Thais often enjoy bakery and pastry products for breakfast. Whilst the names are similar to their Western counterpart, Thai bread is often somewhat sweeter and softer to meet local tastes of the sweeter and softer Thai people. Find it filled with sugary pastes and in the hands of Bangkok businessmen and women walking to their offices in the morning.

  1. Sinangag, Philippines

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The Philippine version of garlic fried rice is often enjoyed with an egg or tocino for breakfast. It is a simple dish, cooked with a lot of fried garlic, and would probably not go down so well if you went straight to your meeting/presentation/interview without brushing your teeth and gulping mouthwash after… (Is it worth it though? Pretty much.)

  1. Banh Xeo, Vietnam

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This Vietnamese dish is named after the sound it makes as it sizzles on the hot skillet while it is prepared in front of you. Made of rice batter, the Asian style pancake or crepe is traditionally filled with pork or shrimp, and bean sprouts. It’s a little bit like a big Asian breakfast burrito-like spring roll, except, better. 

  1. Teh Tarik, Malaysia

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Ending our list is a true favourite and a true performance. Teh Tarik is made with black tea and milk, and the maker uses a special pulling’ technique to pour the tea. Often surrounded by astounded tourists and locals who cannot seem to fathom this feat of gravity, find it at local market stalls, coffee and tea shops, and variations even in Asian restaurants abroad. This warm cup is enjoyed with many of the dishes on our list, but most importantly by many in southeast Asia as they rise with the sun every morning. 

Did we dreamily miss anything? Let us know in the comments! 

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