20 Times You Really Deserved an Adult Gold Star

For all the times you successfully adult.

#Adulting: 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪 9/10

If you’re no longer a teen and officially an adult but don’t quite get the hang of this adult thing but also kinda know how to adult but at the same time still find yourself confused as to how to lead an adult life, this is for you.

1. That time you got out of bed and put on pants

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2. That time you thought about your student debt and didn’t cry

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3. That time you actually remembered to floss

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4. Actually doing work at work

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5. Only watching Netflix for 6 unlimited hours in your day

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6. Fixing something that you broke in the house (or calling someone to fix it)

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7.  Making your own doctor’s appointments

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8. Paying rent (and again, not crying)

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9. Paying for food (also not crying)

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10. Paying taxes (some crying)

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11. Watching the news on actual television or reading them from an actual newspaper

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12. Wearing a) matching socks b) matching bra and undies

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13. Going grocery shopping and only buying things you actually need

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14. Or just actually leaving the house on the weekend when the sun is still out

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15. Having a to-do list (and actually following it)

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16. And actually following recipes (preheat oven, soak vegetables, simmer sauce)

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17. Watch serious documentaries (and not KUWTK on repeat)

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18. Not having a mental breakdown anytime someone asks you about your career/love life/future

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19. Just existing

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20. And getting out of bed every morning and taking on the world with your shine.

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You go Glen Coco!

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