24 Sizzling Photos of Sumatra To Make You Smile Today

In case Monday was looking a little dull.

Take Me There: 🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴 8/10

The island is a geographical marvel, with mountains, an active volcano, lowlands and swamps, as well as complex river systems. However, you’ve probably heard of Sumatra most famously because of its tropical rainforests, and namely some very beloved plant and animal species. Take a trip with us this Monday and admire the beauty of this Southeast Asian island.

And if little monkeys can’t cheer you up, you’re lying.

  1. You may be feeling grumpy today, but you’ll never be as cute grumpy as this orangutan today

Cr: helenehoffman

  1. Come this way though, sit at the tip of the boat and admire the serenity that lies before you

Cr: MatthewWilliams-Ellis

  1. Who needs a condo when you can live by the river in these beautiful Sumatran houses?

Cr: Rejselyst

  1. Bouquets are nice and all, but Sumatra does flowers BIG

Cr: JeremyHolden

  1. This tiger called Conrad will become your best friend

Cr: by Craig Chaddock

  1. Forget the Insta likes, how cool are these old school phones?

Cr: pedewe

  1. They’ll make you feel so free, like this guy under a wave!

Cr: surftourist

  1. The Belitung Boulder and the increeedible transparent waters around truly rock

Cr: ©Dipta Dwitiya

  1. And whatever this discussion is about, I need to know.

Cr: Ryan Deboodt

  1. This, this is the Sunda Strait. It connects the Java Sea to the Indian Ocean. Oh and it’s also stunning at sunset

Cr: myworldview-photography

  1. The Sipiso Sipiso Waterfall is not for the faint-hearted


  1. And breathing in this giant ash cloud at Mt Sinaburg volcano probably wouldn’t be healthy

Cr: Sutanta/AFP

  1. This lady however, has some serious skill

Cr: Irfan maulana

  1. And I could swear I had this as a screensaver once…

Cr: teuku chaidil

  1. Still feeling antsy? Have some Sumatran coffee. The real stuff, not the package at Starbucks that says ‘SUMATRA’, you amateur. 

Cr: digitalfoodjunkie

  1. Ah look, there’s your house from the land side

Cr: vegvoyages

  1. Want some palm fruit? Have some palm fruit.

Cr: jamesmorgan

  1. This monkey knows exactly how to mimic your Monday face…

Cr: Richard Dunwoody

  1. But take it from these chillies. Never lose the fire.

Cr: MatthewWilliams-Ellis

  1. Imagine life as arriving on this magical island in the sun

Cr: Cam Cope

  1. ‘What are you going to do?’ this old lady wonders.

Cr: MatthewWilliams-Ellis

  1. ‘I’m coming with you!’ this elephant trumpets.

Cr: Paul Hilton

  1. I hope rainbows light up your skies

Cr: cookiesand

  1. And you take on Monday like this Orangutan taking on an anti-litter sign.

Cr: Keeping to the rules by Shelley Finch

Which pic is your fave?