This Artist Photoshops Disney Princesses Into Celeb Paparazzi Snaps

Spotted: Snow White and Pocahontas partying it up at Coachella

OMG did you see who Cinderella got off the plane with at LAX this morning? Don’t you love what Aurora wore on her dinner date last night? Did you spot how cool Snow White and Pocahontas were at Coachella? No? No worries, we’ve got the pictures to prove it. 

Jakarta-based artist Andhika Muksin photoshops Disney characters into real-life celebrity situations. Creating and somewhat elongating modern fairy tales, the artist cleverly combines the animated beauties with paparazzi snaps and pop culture memes.

Hey guys!

Pulling the princesses from their animated tales straight into 2017 tabloid media, take a look at some of Muksin’s creations below, and see what your favourite leading ladies have been up to. From sneaky date snaps over to reenacting scenes from ‘Clueless’ – these girls surely live happily ever after. 

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