It’s Official: Avocado Chocolate Really Exists

And not just any avocado chocolate – avocado WHITE chocolate

It was only a matter of time. 

Avocado Chocolate is officially a thing, and people everywhere are losing it. 

Not the chocolate. Their minds. They’re losing their freakin’ minds. 

Cr: Compartés

After all the mashed up (smashed up?) avocado concoctions we’ve seen, over to all-avocado restaurants popping up left, right, and center, this Los Angeles-based chocolatier/genius has finally produced the avocado treat that beats all. 

Teaming up with the California Avocado Commission (it’s a thing), Compartés have released avocado flavoured chocolate. And not just any avocado flavoured chocolate at that, but white chocolate avocado flavoured chocolate. 

Cr: Compartés

Combining the creaminess we know and love so dearly of avocados, with the sweetness that only white chocolate can soothe us with, we finally have a fab excuse to munch on avo for dessert. I mean, this is avocontrol. 

Whilst it’s questionable whether the addition of the green babies can make chocolate any healthier, it’s a definite superfood kick to our regular choco pigging out sessions. In fact, Compartés makes a whole range of superfood chocolates. From vegan kale over to matcha, it’s a chocolate bar heaven for all modern day foodies. (Don’t worry, they also have a Potato Chip flavour.)

Cr: Compartés

Available now at Compartés’ Los Angeles boutique as well as on their online store, we can’t wait to sample a bite. After downing this avocado shake and eating our smashed avo on toast, ofc. 

Cr: Lisa Vertudaches

h/t: Delish