Somebody Dressed Babies As Hipsters And They’re Already Cooler Than You

Can barely walk, but can certainly already lecture you about the best craft beers.

Warning: major cute alert ahead.

Babies as hipsters is now a thing, and it’s as adorable as it sounds. In a totally cool way, of course.

Four trendy tots named Lyla, Ezra, Theodore, and Jahmali have taken London #HipsterCentral Shoreditch by storm to model various incredibly fashionable styles. From “double denim dude” to “lumberjack legend”, I think we’ve just found our favourite hipsters about town.

Cr: Tommee Tippee

They can barely walk, but they already look like they can lecture you about the best craft beers. They only have a few strands on their head, but they could probably already advise you on the best beard grooming methods.

Styled by professional baby stylist (dream job, tbh) Kari Nyack, the babies as hipsters shoot is actually part of baby feeding brand Tommee Tippee’s #WeanTogether campaign. The campaign features several hipster-y foodie recipe titles, and they sound absolutely brilliant. I mean, ‘Night Vision Coulis’ (aka carrots)? ‘Granny Smith’s Smash’ (aka apples)? Count. Us. In.  

Cr: Tommee Tippee

Weaning entails the process of getting toddlers accustomed to food other than their mother’s milk. And using hipster-style dish names could probably be the coolest way to do it.

After all, these kool kids may have just survived on a diet of breast milk for most of their lives, but they look like they already know all the best deconstructed food pop-up restaurants about town.

Cr: Tommee Tippee

From leather jackets and vintage turbans over to a preppy bowtie and punk look, these babies as hipsters are definitely the trendiest on the block.

Cr: Tommee Tippee

It’s like… it’s like they’re all part of a super secret super stylish underground crew and we aren’t cool enough to be a part of it…

Cr: Tommee Tippee

Sigh. They grow hipster so fast.

h/t: Mashable