A Baby Spa Exists And It Is The Most Adorable Thing You’ll See Today

Warning: cute babies floating in a little pool ahead. 

It’s tough being a baby sometimes. Between napping, eating, pooping, and napping, you’ve got quite the busy schedule. But just like us grown up humans, babies enjoy getting some time to unwind. Just like us adult humans, they quite enjoy hitting up the spa for a little R&R. 

Are you picturing a little baby spa for little baby feet getting massaged? Little baby eyes covered with little baby cucumbers? Little baby bath robes? Little baby bliss? 

This is like that, except far, far cuter. 


Laura Sevenus has set up a series of world first ‘Baby Spas’, and they are just as sweet as they sound. 

Look at that faaaaceeeee

The spas specialise in water floatation to support mental and physical baby development, and also ensure parents squealing over how cute this makes their little ones look. The babies are equipped with a kind of rubber ring to keep their heads afloat and bodies freely flowing, and make for some super adorable playtime, or naptime. You know, in case the floating gets tiring.  

Float along, float along

As the babies kick their legs around the water, their balance and coordination is improved, and may ‘support their ability to crawl, walk, and swim.’ The hydrotherapy sessions are believed to ‘strengthen muscles, bone structure and ultimately movement and can help increase determination as they progress.’


And when all this development gets a little much, the babies can unwind with a massage aimed to make them feel ‘loved, respected and secure.’ N’aw. Isn’t that the best? (Also, could… could I get in on one of those?)

How cute is this?

Baby Spas are open in London’s Kensington, South Africa’s Brackenhurts, Australia’s Perth, and Spain’s Madrid, with plans to open many more. Check out further details over on the Baby Spa website, and get little boo signed up for a much-needed pamper sesh. 

You know where to find us. 

Cya there

(Now, where can I get a baby?)

And if you’re a grown adult and still want to go to the spa – have you heard of this Japanese ‘Spamusement’ Park

h/t: Metro