People Are Comparing Beyonce’s Twins To Timeless Art Pieces


They’re quite possibly the most famous one-month olds EVER.

In yet another breathtaking floral Insta pic (remember her pregnancy announcement?), Beyonce’s twins were introduced to the world in the arms of the flawless Queen Bey.

It’s the first public photo of Beyonce and Jay-Z’s newborn babies, and the grand unveiling of their grand names: Sir Carter and Rumi.


Whilst other parents and other celeb parents tend to opt for an intimate snapshot or a magazine photoshoot, Beyonce introduced us to her newest family members in the most Beyonce way ever: a freakin’ stunning Insta photo.

It’s classic Beyonce as we know and love her. Featuring a flower wall, majestic drapery, smooth natural light, and a glimpse at one killer post-pregnancy bod. It’s a lot more than a regular Insta post, in fact, people have been dubbing it a true work of art.

That’s right – bursting with praise and congratulations, the Beyhive has been quick to send their well-wishes to Beyonce and the twins by quite literally comparing them to fellow famous works of art.

Putting Beyonce’s twins side by side with classical art pieces dating back to the 1400s, it’s a charming and admirable way of putting the artist right up there with the great works of our time.

Also, let’s be honest. It’s exactly where Beyonce belongs.

Yup… looks about right.

What do you think?

h/t: Mashable