BookWorms Rejoice: You Can Now Sleep In A Bookstore Hotel in Japan

Bunks built inside bookshelves is the stuff our dreams are made of

Take Me There: 📚📚📚📚📚📚📚 7/10

You know how when you read a book and you relate so freakin’ much or you fall in love so deeply with a character or you’re transported so magically far away into another world, and you’re all, ‘books. I love books’.

Now think of this wondrous combination: Books in Bed. A Bed in Books.

A bookstore hotel called Book and Bed Kyoto has opened in Japan, and it’s as dreamy as it sounds.

There’s even books floating in the ceiling

After a successful Book and Bed Tokyo venture, Book and Bed Kyoto is here to make all bookworms fall in love.

Guests at the bookstore hotel get to sleep in bunks built inside real bookshelves and choose from up to 5000 books to help them sleep – or keep them glued to the pages long into the night.


From both English and Japanese books to choose from, the whole thing feels and looks like a big bookstore. Except, you can also lie down, cosy up, and sleep.

Pajamas and books. Life made.

At approximately $39 a night, here’s your fairly economical ticket to dreaming amongst some really great stories. Take in the smell of books that no kindle can give you, and hold some literary greatness in your hands. Also, if you fall asleep cuddling it, nobody will judge you.

“Have a book day”

Check it out here and book away! (see what we did there)

Who’s coming?