Real Bread Lamps Are A Thing Now For All Die Hard Carb Lovers Out There

They’re even made from REAL freshly baked bread!

Take My Money: 🥖 🥖 🥖 🥖 🥖 🥖 🥖 7/10

There’s nothing like some carbolicious goodness to munch on when it’s cold outside. There’s also nothing like some romantic lighting to decorate your home when it gets darker outside.

Put the two together, and these very sweet bread lamps may just be the perfect home accessory for this autumn.

Young Japanese designer Yukiko Morita is the mastermind behind the product, and uses real bread to create her pieces. Entitled ‘Pampshade’ collection, the designer first bakes real bread and pastries and once out the oven, empties and coats them with resin. She then adds LEDs and a battery, and then… there was bread light.

It’s a simple concept, albeit a truly charming one. And a true must-have for all carb-lovers out there.

There are various shapes and sizes, from the classic long baguette over to small buns. Intriguingly enough the light the bread lamps emit is a very warm light, perfect for a romantic dinner table setting.

(Just be careful not to actually break off a piece and eat it…)

Currently on display at Maison & Objet 2017, take a scroll through these precious bread lamps below. They’ll definitely make you want to get up and make a sandwich.

(And turn on some lights).

All images cr: Pampshade/Yukiko Morita