This Guy Creates Some Truly Impressive Snapchat Art Featuring Your Fave Celebs

Snapchat: not just an app, but an art.

Dog filters and flower crowns, step aside.

A 23-year-old by the name of Matthew Perlman is giving all us amateur Snapchatters a serious run for our money with his incredibly detailed Snapchat art.

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You wake up… FLAWLESS

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The Los Angeles-based Snapchat artist creates some impressive masterpieces using the sole tools provided in the social media snapping app. Featuring anyone from Beyonce and her twins over to Caitlyn Jenner on the cover of Vanity Fair, it’s celebrity news in its most colourful and millennial form.

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Starring in my own reality show

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Okay wow.

Looking at the images it’s hard to believe it all starts with a plain and simple (we’re assuming) selfie. From there, Perlman really gets to work and uses the drawing tool on the app to create entire paintings – nay – stories, in one tiny smartphone frame.

Hey Kim!

It’s certainly a modern form of graphic design and illustration, and yet it’s still one we can resonate so deeply with. If you’ve ever drawn a couple accessories onto your Snapchat art, or ever pasted your face in the place of a celeb, we’re looking at you.

Take a scroll through some of Matt’s amazing creations below, and proceed to attempt your own.

(You’ll probably fail – but you can still follow Matt on Instagram for daily inspo.)

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Happy Halloween from The Minions

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May The Lord Open… Blessed Be The Fruit

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Which is your fave?

h/t: Metro