At This Festive Christmas Inn And Spa, It’s Christmas EVERY DAY

Where R&R means Rudolph and Recreation…

If the heat is getting to your head and you’re looking forward to cooler days and Christmas time, you may not have to wait until December to start “ho ho ho”-ing.

At this festive Christmas inn, it’s Christmas every season of the year. And it is freakin’ magical.

Located in the White Mountains (so fitting) of America’s New Hampshire, the Christmas Farm Inn & Spa is one enchanting bed and breakfast nestled in true holiday spirit. At all times.

The 15-acre resort features a relaxing spa as well as romantic activities such as a ‘journey to the North Pole’ train ride, and allows visitors to truly get into the spirit of things.

Along the lines of spirit, the Christmas inn prides itself on enjoying the simple and important pleasures in life: friends, family, fun, love, adventure, inspiration, and well-being. Guests can opt to stay in the main inn (where many rooms are named after famous reindeer), or book a Family Barn of cute cottages.

It’s very homey and warm, and actually sounds like a great escape for when your actual Christmas was a little stressful and you want to relive it.

Built back in 1778, the resort is embedded in the area’s history. It was once partly a prison, partly a church, and partly a farmhouse, making it a space for many a story to unfold. In 1933, the property was gifted by a man to his daughter at Christmas time, which is where it got its name “Christmas Farm.”

Nowadays that beautiful tale is kept alive by the holiday-inspired interiors and the spirit of tradition. There are delicious home-cooked meals at the inn’s restaurant (named the Mistletoe Pub), and special photos and memorabilia sit in the lobby.

It’s definitely a spot we can imagine Santa kicking back with the fam at, and definitely a spot that not only serves as a place to celebrate the holidays, but also relive them.

All images cr: Christmas Farm Inn

For all those who wish Christmas would last a little longer, or just can’t get enough of the special season, find out more over on the Christmas Farm Inn & Spa website, and get booking.

h/t: Delish