This Fitness Trend Entails Squats With Your Dog And It Is Amazing

A great way to workout and bond with your furry friend

If you aren’t much of a gym junkie, but really love your dog, this may just be the fitness motivation for you.

A new sporty trend is cropping up whereby people do squats with their dogs.

You may be imagining human and canine simultaneously dropping to the floor in some sort of lunging position, but we’ll have to disappoint you here and say only one being does the actual squatting.

It’s the human.

Warning: this workout is also v v cute

Texas-based fitness blogger Alyssa Greene has created the #SquatYourDogChallenge, and it involves squatting whilst carrying your dog on your shoulder/back/arms. Your dog will probably humour you and join in the antics, and you get yourself a neat little full-body workout with a friend.


However, full-body workout really means full-body workout. Greene warns, “if they’re [the dogs] too heavy, don’t try it. If they don’t like it, put them down. Know your animal before partaking!”

Hiiii cute stuff

Since posting, hundreds of fitness freaks and dog lovers are sharing their own videos featuring their adorable workout buddies. Completing squats with a dog on their shoulders or cradled up like baby, it’s probably one of the cutest workouts out there.

In some way it’s like exercising with your baby when you’re a new Mom – except, furrier and with two extra legs.

“58lbs of pure love right here!”

Adding some daily fluff to our fitness routines, we’re definitely loving this canine fitness concept – giving us some nice tone in all the right places, and strengthening our bond with our pets.

Gym membership? Pfft, I’m getting a dog.

h/t: Metro