An Artist Keeps Painting Fake Shadows And It Is Confusing The Frick Outta People

They’re pretty trippy

#WTF: 😵 😵 😵 😵 4/10

How’s this for an optical illusion?

An artist named Damon Belanger is making the people of Redwood City, California, seriously watch their steps, as he paints fake shadows onto the streets.

Actually, more specifically, he paints them on the sidewalk. Right next to unsuspecting mailboxes, park benches, and park ticket machines. And it is sublimely spooky.

Featuring flowers that sprout out of bicycle racks, or mailboxes that are secretly evil monsters, the artist is adding some pop and some pep to regular city concrete floors. There’s everything from bouncy beasts to robotic ragers, as the artist perfectly positions and paints his dark grey fake shadows onto the ground.

Commissioned to install 20 fake shadows around Redwood City, Belanger’s project aims to bring more creativity to the town. The artist states, “The shadows give regular mundane objects a lively spirit so people can have a little fun in their everyday life.”

And fun is definitely being had alright. I mean, the whole thing looks like it’s straight out of a Pixar movie. Will the shadows start moving? Will they jump up and dance when we look away? And if we step on them, will they flinch just a little?

(Something tells us they will).

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h/t: BoredPanda