These Raw Vegan Cakes Are So Beautiful You’ll Totes Convert To Raw Veganism

The detailing on these is incredible (and edible)

If you haven’t boarded the vegan boat yet, hold onto your seats because your mind is about to change.

A Berlin-based chef is creating stunning raw vegan cakes that look almost too good to eat. Almost.

Chef Juliana of Culinary Dots in Berlin uses only raw vegan ingredients to create intricate floral designs. The desserts look like bouquets in cake form, except better, because you can eat them.

Not just pleasant for eaters, Chef Juliana also provides raw vegan cake fans with recipes on her website. Although you’ll require some serious skill to get that delicate detailing down.

Breaking the stereotype of vegan food consisting of raw carrots and some tofu, we’re definitely loving this artful take on raw vegan cake. Super Instagrammable and some serious #VeganFoodPorn, it’s about time vegan desserts got the shoutout they deserve. All cakes contain no flour, sugar or dairy. Instead, Chef Juliana uses nuts, raw dry fruits, and coconut creams. They’re 100% vegan and 100% impressive.

From mango and passionfruit flowers over to cashew cream frosting, take a look at some of Juliana’s creations below. You’re going to want these in your garden and in your belly.

All images cr: Culinary Dots

Who said vegans can’t have beautiful cakes?