A Woman Went On Honeymoon Alone And Took The Funniest Pics For Her Hubby

**Wish you were here**

When your newly-wed hubby can’t get a visa in time for your romantic getaway honeymoon in Greece, what do you do?

Huma Mobin was caught in this dilemma when she married Arsalaan Sever in Lahore earlier this year, and proceeded to go on the honeymoon with her in-laws, letting her husband know that she was clearly missing him every step (and selfie) of the way.

With the trip already booked and paid for, Arsalaan convinced Huma to pack up and go on the honeymoon without him.

However, this did not mean that Huma was missing her new husband any less. Making the most of the situation, she posted pictures of herself in Greece with a sad face and an arm stretched out so as to indicate the space for her absent husband.

The photos of this ‘husband-less honeymoon’ have gone viral, certainly making this a memorable honeymoon for the couple, albeit in an amusing and unusual way.

~Distance means so little when someone means so much~

Here’s wishing them the best for their first anniversary!

All images cr: Huma Mobin // via boredpanda.com

(and plenty more holidays, together.)