These Groomsmen Dressed As McDonald’s Food Items For Their Friend’s Wedding

There they were, just a happy meal walking down the street.

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This article was originally posted on January 11th 2017.

From what we’d wear to the food we’d serve, many people have a little ‘dream’ list of personal touches they would like to include. If you like Star Wars, you might have lightsabers for lamps. If you’re into dogs, you might use puppies as bouquets.

And if you like fast food? Dress your groomsmen as a jolly happy meal.

This very dream came true for the lucky Chen Guanyou when he got his groomsmen to dress up as McDonald’s food items for his special meal. I mean, wedding day.

all my BFFs walking on the street


From large (extra extra large) fries to a fluffy McFlurry, all McDonald’s favourites were present – with the groom himself coming as Mr Ronald McDonald in all his red-haired glory.

heyyyy ronald


However, the dress-up was just the beginning. In line with Chinese wedding traditions in Southeast Asia, the groom and his party have to complete a number of quests set by the bridesmaid. These may include funny tasks and activities, and only once fulfilled can the groom ‘win’ the bride.

it’s harder than it looks


It’s a playful tradition in its own right, yet with Chen and his groomsmen dressed as they were, the whole thing took on a whole new level. I mean, when was the last time you saw a man dressed as a Big Mac mash his face into cling wrap?



Whether you really like weddings or you really like fast food, watch some of the moments captured in the sweet video below. (Warning: it might make you a little hungry):

Charming and imaginative, Chen reveals that he actually made the costumes himself. And while his new wife is not a fan of fast food, it seems she too enjoyed the fast food fashion.

I guess you could say, like burger and fries, this couple definitely makes the perfect combo. <3

everyone found it very amusing


N’aww. Can we supersize those feels?