This Harry Potter Map Shows All The Magical Locations Around London

There’s 15 of them, and you’re gonna wanna see them all.

Take Me There: 🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮 8/10

If you consider yourself a true Potterhead, this map is for you.

Not exactly a Marauder’s Map but still a very useful Harry Potter map indeed, TimeOut London and Pottermore have put together a map featuring all the noteworthy Harry Potter spots across London.

Be it mentioned in the books or shot in the movies, the map features everything from the famed Platform 9 and ¾ at King’s Cross Station over to Australia House, which acts as goblin-run bank Gringotts.

Cr: Timeout/Pottermore

Whether you’ve read the books and know they’re better than the movies, or only watched the movies and still don’t quite get all the terminologies, this Harry Potter map is certainly a fun way to explore London. And let your imagination run as will as Bellatrix Lestrange on a Potter hunt.

Grab your broomstick and roam through Diagon Alley (Leadenhall Market) or picture yourself having some drinks at The Leaky Cauldron (Borough Market). It’ll definitely be a magical way to retrace those special steps.

Cr: Timeout/Pottermore

For a larger, more detailed view of the Harry Potter map, click here, and then apparate to London as soon as possible.


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h/t: TimeOutLondon