At This Pet Cafe You Can Chill With Chinchillas, Otters And Hedgehogs

It’s little cute animal heaven

Take Me There: 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 7/10

Have you ever chilled with a chinchilla?

A pet cafe has opened in Tokyo’s trendy area of Harajuku, and it features a few very special inhabitants – chinchillas, otters, and hedgehogs.


Cr: HarryHedgehogCafe/Facebook

Whilst the famed Harry Cafe started out as a hedgehog-only pet cafe, the owners have now included chinchillas and otters as coffeeshop regulars, allowing guests to experience what it’s like to hang with otters and chill with chinchillas.

I believe the correct term is ‘chinchilling.’


It’s a prime spot for anyone who has ever wanted to stroke and play with the adorable animals, and maybe have a cup of coffee and a clever conversation.

The chinchillas roam the cafe freely, often jumping from tiny ledges positioned on the walls, whilst the fun-loving otters play with toys that guests can dangle above their play area. It’s certainly a cutesy environment, with an “awwwww” about every 2 minutes or so.

As for the hedgehogs, these sit in their own VIP zones (they scare and stress more easily), where they can be scooped up and cuddled by gentle guests.

Cr: HarryHedgehogCafe/Facebook

However, if you’re more of a looker than a toucher (we can’t all be brave hearts), there are also snuggly toy hedgehogs, chinchillas, and otters, who not only won’t try to nibble on you, but will also last long after you have to leave the cafe.

And maybe snuggly toy pets are your safest bet. There are concerns being raised over the well-being of the animals, yet we are uncertain of the rules the cafe enforces to ensure their safety and security.

For now, all we can say is – always handle pets with love and care, and respect their boundaries.

That way you can always leave saying, “yoooo hanging with a chinchilla is totalllllly chill.”

Who’s coming?

h/t: Metro