These Human-Made Carpet Fields In Turkey Look Incredible

The carpets rest under the sun to soften their colour

You’ve probably seen fields before. But you’ve probably never seen carpet fields before.

Located in Turkey’s Southern province of Antalya, carpet fields make up a vast area of the landscape, and consist of carpets in various shapes and sizes. It’s an intriguing and a beautiful sight, and certainly unlike the fields of wheat or rice we may be used to.

These fields are made up of carpets, similar to the ones we have at home. As in, the woven cloth used to cover the floor, or hang up on the wall as decor.

Taken from all corners of the country, these Turkish handmade carpets are taken to special carpet fields to soften their colour and be cleaned under the shining sun. The carpets are laid out next to one another over a large area, and spend some time here getting some much-earned rest before returning home to shops and houses back in the city.

Carpet weaving is a traditional art in Turkey, and Turkish carpets are world-renowned for their high quality in design and wealth of colour.

Perhaps, the Antalya sun is one of their best-kept beauty secrets.

All images cr: Getty via Metro

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h/t: Metro