Ice Cream Filled Doughnuts Are Officially A Thing And We Can’t Stop Drooling

You know what they say… if you like it then you shoulda put a doughnut on it.

We’ve had ice cream tacos, waffle pops, and iceclairs, but this sweet treat could quite possibly take the prize for yummiest sweet treat of them all.

Ladies and gentlemen, we present: ice cream filled doughnuts.

(Pause for angelic choirs singing)


Ice cream filled doughnuts are officially a thing, and why it took so long for that to happen will forever be a mystery to us. But they’re here now. In all their ice cream-y doughnut-y glory. A good ol’ hearty scoop of sweet ice cream, surrounding by a good ol’ hearty doughy sweet doughnut. A match made in heaven. A match we need in our bellies.

(Pause for drooling)

These beautiful babes tho

Created by B Sweet in Los Angeles, the dessert is sold under the heavenly perfect name ‘The Halo’, and consists of a doughnut with a scoop of ice cream at its centre. And whilst you may think these are just frozen doughnuts with a smidgen of hard ice cream in the middle, you think wrong. Because these babies are much better than that.

Made fresh to order, diners get to choose which ice cream flavour they would like, before the scoop is scooped and heat-sealed within the doughnut. This ensures that the doughnut stays soft and warm, and the ice cream stays icy and cold.

(Pause for wiping our drool)

So much yum

Whilst on some level the style is reminiscent of ice cream sandwiches, we can assure you that these are much more than that. Because of the round, doughnut-y shape, the ice cream doesn’t fall out of the doughnut, but merely sits there, letting you devour it bite after bite.

All 4 me pls

Available ice cream flavours include classics like vanilla and mint chocolate chip over to chocolate malted crunch and ube. Taking over foodie blogs like wildfire, we also have to mention that they’re very, very Instagrammable.

You know what they say… if you like it then you shoulda put a doughnut on it.


(Pause for booking our tickets to Los Angeles.)

h/t: Metro