This Artist Recreates Iconic Movie Outfits Out Of Paper In Preppy Shop Windows

They pay true tribute to fashion, film, and costume design

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Anyone who has ever watched an Audrey Hepburn film has probably taken note (and style advice) from the elegant outfits the actress dons in her movies.

Now imagine you could shop Holly Golightly’s classic Breakfast at Tiffany’s black dress from a store window?

English photo-poster artist Jordan Bolton is paying true tribute to many popular movies, by recreating iconic movie outfits out of paper, and then displaying them in miniature shop windows.

It’s like taking a stroll down a shopping avenue of our favourite films.

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Entitled ‘Fashion in Film’ the iconic movie outfits are part of a precious series looking to pay homage to the bond and the beauty of fashion and film. To create the mini masterpieces, Bolton first studies each film, before taking screenshots of character costumes and selecting those that best represent each movie. Next, he recreates detailed cutouts of the individual pieces of clothing, and displays them like buyable pieces at a boutique store. In place of a boutique name, the creation then holds a little paper plaque with the name of the costume designer.

Bolton states, “I’ve always been interest in costume design, and how costume and colours are used to project a certain character. Those tiny details are what I’m always looking for in films.”


From ‘The Godfather’s hat selection, over to ‘Amelie’s quirky clothes, take a scroll through some of Bolton’s creations below. It’s the coolest kind of window shopping you’ll do today.

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What do you think? Which is your fave?

h/t: DesignTaxi