Want To Be Insta Famous? There’s A University Degree For That

Yup, you can actually major in Online Fame…

Here’s a degree that wasn’t around when your parents were young…

Becoming Insta famous is not an easy task these days. You need to know how to take the perfect photos, use all the right filters, and manage the perfect balance of quirky and cool captions.

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There’s a whole set of unspoken rules and tricks to the trade. I mean, you could fill a whole syllabus up with the stuff.

Wait… a whole college syllabus?!

A university in China offers a real course that teaches students the art and skill of becoming a social media influencer.

There’s everything from makeup and catwalk classes over to dance performance, visual marketing, and basic photography.

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It’s a whole lot of big serious words for what is essentially what all millennials do all day, but anyone who has seen Youtuber mansions and Fashion Blogger schedules will know that being Insta famous is a force to be reckoned with.

And now Yiwu Industrial and Commercial College (YIWCC) near Shanghai is looking to capitalise on that force, and prepare young adults for it. China currently has over 700 million phone users, so some formal training and prep can definitely be useful in order to stand out, as standing out can definitely have it’s perks. With such a high population, internet reach can truly go wide and far. Take US-based Youtube sensation Ryan Higa for example. He has 19 million subscribers, and is considered a key player in the field. But do you know Chinese online celebrity Papi Jiang? Her following consists of 44 million.


According to Forbes.com, Chinese internet celebrities can earn up to $46 million a year.

So really, a degree in social media is just a minor investment. At the YWICC, classes consist mostly of young women, and graduates are awarded with an associate degree. Some of the courses that can be taken include:

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It’s certainly a far more strategic and scientific way of classifying what so many of us do so casually. I mean, next time you take a pic of your plate, consider it “aesthetic cultivation,” and next time you post your #OOTD, consider “fashion sensitivity.”

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Except of course, clearly it’s no such simple feat. As can be seen in the many vlogs and recounts of Insta famous individuals, social media can take a lot of work and considerations. But it pays off. According to Analysys International, China’s online celeb industry was worth $10 billion in 2016, with predictions for it to double by 2018.

Looks like now is the perfect time to enroll…

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We’re excited to see. Will the Next Big Thing to come out of China Internet Fame list this course as their education?

What do you think?

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