Did You Know James Franco Had A YouTube Channel About Philosophy?

You’re gonna wanna check this out…

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James Franco is not just a very pretty face.

I mean, James Franco is not only a famous actor, a published poet, an artist, and older sibling to an equally cute Franco. No. He also has a Youtube channel. About Philosophy.

Wait… what?

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Whilst it somehow does seem fitting, it comes as somewhat a surprise that James Franco actually has an entire Youtube channel dedicated to his fascination with philosophy. Named “Philosophy Time,” the channel consists largely of Franco and his friend Dr Eliot Michaelson (he’s a lecturer at KCL) discussing all the big big questions and the small small wonders.

The channel description reads: “Join the multi-talented actor/director/poet/too much other stuff to list James Franco and the not at all multi-talented Eliot Michaelson as they take you on a tour of contemporary philosophy.”

Here, for example, they discuss metaphors:

At five minutes per video, the channel is made up of super-consumable and easy-to-watch material, which, like many Youtube videos, may spark things in your mind long after watching. The bulk of material consists of knowledgeable academics explaining specific topics and the world to Franco and Michaelson, and if you’re looking for a way to learn, it surely provides an intriguing path.

The channel has already amassed over 8.2k subscribers at the time of writing, and we’re certain that number will only grow and grow in the coming days.

Kinda like James Franco’s list of talents.

What do you think?

h/t: Mashable