This Japanese Butler Lets You Lay On His Lap As He Brushes Your Teeth For You

You know, in case you felt like a stranger should do that for you.

If you’re still brushing your own teeth or getting them cleaned by a dentist in white or blue uniform, you need to see this major upgrade.

Dressed in a dapper suit and thereby rightfully earning the name ‘Butler Dentist,’ a Japanese butler named Taro Masuoka is giving customers a teeth cleaning like no other.

Cr: PureCure

Throwing regular dental care out the window, Masuoka is owner of cosmetic and dental salon PureCure, and treats all his patients as true ladies and gentlemen.

For a shy price of ¥1,500 ($12.60), the Japanese butler will brush all your pearly whites, while you lay your head in his lap and gaze up into his eyes.

Masuoka will then use a specially made toothpaste containing natural aroma oils to scrub away at your caries and canines, whilst, we assume, soothing music plays in the background and you fall into a toothy trance.

Cr: PureCure

Giving regular teeth cleaning, or, yknow, you brushing your own teeth in the bathroom every morning, some serious competition, it’s definitely a very unique and somewhat luxurious experience.

Our only concern is… do we just show up every morning in our pajamas and unbrushed teeth?


Cr: deyamuniz  via Tumblr

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