This Southeast Asian Toast Will Be Your New Favourite Breakfast Dish

Step aside, French toast.

Get In My Belly: 🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞 8/10

Here, if you don’t know what you want your perfect hubby/wifey to bring you as breakfast in bed this morning, we’ve got the best thing.

Introducing: Kaya Toast.

  1. Good morning hungry reader, come, meet Kaya toast.

Cr: David Berkowitz

  1. Kaya toast is from Singapore and is here to make your mornings sweeter

Cr: seasaltwithfood

  1. And crunchier.

Cr: shelovesasianfood

  1. And creamier.

Cr: thelongestwayhome

  1. A kind of coconut curd/jam, ‘kaya’ is enjoyed on thin slices of toast in Singapore and Malaysia. Kaya is made using coconut milk, egg, pandan leaf, sugar, and love.

Cr: mykeuken

  1. And to really get the drooling going, know that a healthy slab of butter is placed on each/in between piece.

Cr: ohmyasian

  1. Toasty and buttery and coconutty and bliss

Cr: panpansang

  1. Typically best enjoyed with coffee, or, if you’re a real pro, with teh tarik.

Cr: Jon Siegel

  1. Thin slices of kaya toast are often stacked on top of one another, like pancakes, but far more exciting

Cr: jodiesmommy

  1. It can be made using other bread too, like bread rolls. Just don’t forget a good spreading of kaya, and the beloved butter slab.

Cr: singapore-food

  1. The toast is commonly quite thin, and is served as a breakfast dish, often alongside eggs

Cr: thechosenhuang

  1. But clearly boiled eggs are secondary when kaya toast is in the picture

Cr: heuthye

  1. The hipsters here have taken sourdough kaya toast and popped a poached egg on top

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  1. And yknow what? We’d like to get on top too.

Cr:  jodiesmommy

Who’s feeling toasty?