There’s A 1 Kilometre Rainbow Set Up In Montreal Called 18 Shades of Gay

It’s to support the LGBT community, and it’s freakin’ fabulous

#Pride: 🏳️🌈 🏳️🌈 🏳️🌈 🏳️🌈 🏳️🌈 10/10

You may have seen rainbows before, but you’ve never seen a rainbow like this before.

An incredible kilometre-long inflatable rainbow has been installed in a street of Montreal, to celebrate pride and call support and love for the local LGBT community. Named ’18 Shades of Gay’ (fabulous), the art installation is the work of Claude Cormier, who has taken the colours of the Pride flag and created further nuances and shades of colour to incorporate.

Providing a dash of brightness and balls, the famed Sainte-Catherine Street now sits beautifully nestled under a richly coloured canopy, giving pedestrians a stunning walk along the street. The installation itself is made up of over 180,000 tinted resin balls, and can even be seen in all its pastel glory from some impressive aerial shots of the city.

Part of the Aires Libres festival, Cormier explains that ’18 Shades of Gay’ “celebrates the evolution of the spectrum of LGBTQI community identities: plural, diverse, inclusive and nuanced.” The installation is made up of two different globe sizes, which come together and are linked along an unbroken chromatic ribbon of a mind-boggling full kilometre. 

It’s both a visually stimulating and socially impactful way to celebrate unity in diversity, and love in all forms.

I mean, can you imagine how magical it must be to walk under this man-made rainbow every day?

All images cr: via Claude  Cormier


How’s this for somewhere over the rainbow?