People Are Getting Knife Massages To Deal With Stress Because Why Not

Each to their own…?

Some people take a nice little nap. Some do a little light yoga or meditation. And some unwind with a little jumbo bag of chips and put on some Netflix.

Whilst many different people have many different ways to de-stress, knife massages are probably one of the more crazy options out there.

Yes. You read right. Knife massages. Like, actual sharp blades rubbing up against you face. Kinda like a facial, except, potentially deadly, and stuff.


A woman called Hsiao Mei Fang has been offering knife massages in Taipei for over 30 years now. Guests come and lie on a treatment table, before being thoroughly massaged with sharp cleavers in rhythmic motions up and down body and face.

Of course, there is some sort of protection between the daring guest and the dangerous blade.

It’s a piece of cloth.

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The movements are meant to loosen up blood vessels and ease circulation. Furthermore, about halfway through the massage, the masseuse will make a burp-like sound, to ~spit out~ the ~bad energy~ drawn from the client.

What, never had bad energy drawn from you during a massage before? Pfft, amateur.

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The treatment has its roots in ancient Chinese history, and is over 2500 years old. The two knives used in the process represent Yin and Yang, and aim to create a form of balance. Fang states, “the massage changes the energy inside the person and makes them more relaxed.”

I guess the constant threat of death is a thrilling stress-busting element for some. I mean, what better way to forget all your troubles than knowing this woman could chop you in half in a second if she wanted to?


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All sharp jokes aside though, Fang and her team use specially designed knives for the treatment. “It’s very safe. We wouldn’t use a kitchen knife to do this,” she states.

Priced at around £30 upwards, it’s an experience everyone needs to have for themselves. Who knows? Maybe it’ll become the new counting-to-ten-and-breathing-deeply stress reliever.

In the words of Fang, “People don’t realise this will change their lives.”

There you go.

h/t: metro