This Man And Dog Diving From Cliffs Together Is All The Relationship Goals

**Dog relationship goals

They say that a dog is a man’s best friend. And if these two are anything to go by, it’s a very true saying indeed.

This man and dog diving together is a true testament to man-dog friendship.

Carmelo Abela and his jack russell Titti are living their best life jumping in synchronized (synchronized!) dives from cliffs in Malta.

Cr: Mark Cassar/Barcroft Media

Carmelo taught his dog not only how to swim but also how to dive when he was just four months old. Now the two are a local attraction as people come to Malta to see the two in action.

Launching herself off a cliff in Malta, little Titti loves nothing more than diving with her owner Carmelo. And if the poses the two make before jumping into the waters are something to go by, it’s a lot of fun for them too.

Cr: Mark Cassar/Barcroft Media

Cr: Mark Cassar/Barcroft Media

The 49-year-old loves taking his dog with him to the 12 foot high cliffs to dive and swim in the waters below, and the pair has since become an online sensation, with eager tourists keeping an eye out for the adorable duo. Titti has actually become kind of famous, and even has her own Facebook page where people ask when she’ll be going to the beach next.

Cr: Mark Cassar/Barcroft Media

Carmelo states, “she trusts me and whatever I do, she does it. When I tell her to jump, she jumps.”

Sigh. Still a better love story than Twilight.

Cr: Mark Cassar/Barcroft Media

How cute are these two?

h/t: DailyMail