A Man And His Dog Wear Matching Outfits And It’s Kinda Hard To Tell Who’s Who

The most handsome duo you’ll see today!

You might want to come a little closer to the screen for this one, because this feels like a good game of “spot the difference.”

Human Topher Brophy and dog Rosenberg are two best friends who do what any two best friends would do: they wear matching outfits. And boy do they rock ‘em.

Two brothers exploring

Quite possibly the most adorable and fiercely fashionable duo in Man/Dog couture, Brophy and his buddy love dressing up together. And whilst they currently depict all of our #BFFGoals, it wasn’t all OOTDs and fierce poses for the two at all times.

Brophy explains that two years ago he was going through a rough patch, and getting this pup really helped turn his life upside down. “By continually putting Rosenberg’s needs before my own, I am more self-aware and constantly focused on making other people happy.”

Who can tell where dog ends and man begins?

“Rosenberg and I consider ourselves so lucky to have found each other and we are on a mission to spread love, compassion, kindness, and understanding to as many people as possible” says Brophy.

A man with a dog and a cause. Check out more of the adorable duo in matching outfits below, and stay inspired.

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@rosenbergthedog and I have great affection for the people of the United Kingdom. They are our cultural forefathers, and as fellow homo sapiens, our bond with them is more important than ever. In light of this, we just appeared on UK morning show, @thisMorning with @eamonnholmes @ruthlangsford . We had a blast, and are excited to spread our message of companionship, love and understanding to the people of this delightful civilization. 📸by @thedogstyler #godsavethequeen #london #corgi #camdentown #unitedkingdom #queensguard #uk #londonlife #royalguards #londonbyday #buckinghampalace #bigben #royalpalace #ル #拡散希望 #kawaii #dogsofinstagram #puppy #Dalmatian #หมา #chó #الك #dogsofnyc #photoftheday #happy #weeklyfluff #dailyfluff #vscom

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Ah. Our hearts.

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